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Red Rook & Old Ghosts



This month, the GAILSONE site has been given a massive upgrade. We have two new entries for you, starting with the second novel in the Gailsone series, Red Rook! This much-anticipated novel continues the events of Big in Japan, moving the plot along to include new characters, more action, and two parallel storylines that intertwine as both Alice and Allison fight to save the people most important to them. With new villains, a mystery with a potential global impact, super-charged fights, and a deadly race against time for both our heroines, it’s all the Gailsones can do to stay alive and save the day.


The second entry in the series is Old Ghosts, a new novella in the Rare Gems arc. This storyline takes place directly after Red Rook and is a solid Alice adventure, filled with witty banter, hair-raising fight scenes, and even an old-fashioned death trap for our reluctant heroine. A classic Gailsone yarn to kick off an arc filled with mystery and intrigue as a shadowy new player starts making our favorite family’s life difficult.


Third, the numbering for the series has changed on Amazon. The biggest complaint received about the series is that people can’t tell what order the stories are in. Now, the novellas are numbered 1.1, 1.2, and so on to make things easier for readers.


Finally, the website has undergone an overhaul. The image now being used is the base image from the Old Ghosts cover, which I thought was too good to leave alone. Hope you like it!



Black Days are here...



Gailsone: Black Days has been released, and it is the longest novella to date, clocking in at an impressive 129 pages on Kindle. It is also the first post-Big In Japan story, and serves as a bridge piece for the upcomming Red Rook. Go check it out!

The Impossible Door and a Contest!



The latest Gailsone story, the Impossible Door, is now available in the Kindle store! This is well and by far the most insane, fun, and over-the-top Gailsone story to date. Not only do we get to see Alice doing what she does best, but we get to meet Miss Major, female powerhouse of the Collective Good (and the first African American hero in the Gailsone universe). This story is one part comedy, one part action/adventure, and a whole lot of sci-fi/urban fantasy. Pick up a copy of this stand-alone adventure for only $0.99!


Also! A contest announcement! is announcing its first contest! Between now and July 1st, we will be taking submissions for fan art! All submissions will be posted on, and first place will receive a signed copy of their choice of Gailsone books (Big in Japan, Black Days, or Red Rook). First runner-up will receive a signed paperback copy of the Gailsone novella of their choice. Please send all submissions to Submissions will be accepted up through June 30th, 2014. Good luck!

Blackbird's Song is now out for Kindle



The fourth novella in the Black Days stand-alone series, Gailsone: Blackbird's song, is now available in the Kindle Store for $0.99. Go pick up a copy and let us know what you think!

Date Night, and the announcement of Black Days!



Gailsone: Date Night is now available! This entry in the series is more romantic comedy with some stabbings tossed in for good measure. A fun and interesting character piece for everyone's favorite psychotic teen, Allison Gailsone. Check it out on Kindle!


The current story arc that is being published between Big in Japan and Red Rook now has a name and numbering. This arc is now Black Days, and will also include Gailsone: Blackbird's Song (due out 4/1/2014) and Gailsone: The Impossible Door (due out 5/1/2014). They will culminate with a June 1st collection release that will also contain some new material notes and an all-new story.


Happy reading!


Gailsone: A Night at the Opera has gone live on Amazon



The second Gailsone novella has been released, and already, it has received praise as being the most fun and enjoyable Gailsone story yet. This stand-alone prequel focuses heavily on the relationship between Alice and Allison, and gives the reader a better feel for who Alan Tanner is and what he can do.


January was a fantastic month for the Gailsone series, as we hit an all-time high for sales. This month, as we celebrate the release of A Night at the Opera, we are also gearing up for next month's release, Gailsone: Date Night. Remember, each month, a new Gailsone story will be released, so check back often for details!


Gailsone: Blood & Rust is now available on!



Gailsone: Blood & Rust is now available for digital download! This is the first in a series of stand-alone prequels and short stories that take place in the GAILSONE universe. This first novella explores more of Allison and who she was in the Purge. It’s also a fun look at how Alice was before the events of Big In Japan. This is a slightly different, slightly darker Alice than what we’ve seen, but she’s also extremely fun and despite this being an Allison-focused piece, Alice (as always) steals the show.


In other news: Big In Japan took some reedits that are available in the Kindle digital download copy. Also, the paperback version of Big In Japan is also updated. These updates are minor corrections in the story flow that were missed the first time around and do not change the content or flow of the story.


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-Casey Glanders and Big In Japan Officially Launch


I am pleased to announce the launch of both and Big In Japan, the first book in the Gailsone series. This site is intended to be a one-stop hub for information about Gailsone books, the universe the story resides in, information about upcoming projects and as a store for the currently available releases.

Big In Japan has spent over a year in development. The actual book was written in the first six months, but after that, editing, rewrites and add-ins to tie it more succinctly to the second book (which just completed the initial writing phase as of last month and is now in editing) made the process pretty involved.

This is meant to be an ongoing series. Each book will spotlight a different member of the Gailsone clan and the surrounding cast. Some books will be ensemble stories, while others will focus on one character in particular. There will also be short story compilations released to help further explain past events and to give better insight into the day-to-day adventures of the heroes and villains in the Gailsone universe.

Big In Japan has been a labor of love. Throughout the entire editorial process, the one question that all my editors kept asking was, “who did you write this for?” I realized I wrote it for me. I wrote the kind of book I wanted to read about the characters I wanted to see. The story has elements of action/adventure, science fiction, urban fantasy, and anything else that felt right for it all to come together.

I hope you enjoy Big In Japan. I will be using this space to keep people updated on release info, story notes, answering questions (that won’t spoil anything for future stories) and so on. This is also where I’ll be adding information about Red Rook, the second book in the Gailsone series. Its scheduled release is for mid-2014. God, my editors and my schedule willing, the goal is to release a story every six months.

Thank you for visiting, and welcome to the Gailsone,com!

-Casey Glanders

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