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BIG IN JAPAN and RED ROOK are available digitally through the Amazon Kindle Store and B&N. You can also purchase a physical copy from Click the appropriate link below for your copy. HEAD OF THE DRAGON is currently a Kindle exclusive.


Note: This book is formatted for a larger viewer. While visible and readable on a smart phone, you will get better results from a tablet or e-reader.


All novels and novellas are available digitally in the Amazon Kindle Store.

Novels & Collections

Novellas - The Rare Gems Arc

Not Gailsone, but Still Really Good

Did you know Casy Glanders wrote other books besides the Gailsone series? It's true! And the best part is they're really good!

Something, Something, Magic is an all-new superhero story. If you're into anime, cowgirls, or love a good magical girl story, this is the book for you.

Amazon Digital Copy: $4.99

Paperback: $18.99

Poppet is a children's fantasy story about a young girl avoiding the magical dangers that lurk within Callwitch Castle. Written as a bedtime story, this fairy tale tells the story of the greatest witch the world has ever known.

Amazon Digital Copy: $2.99

Paperback copy: $7.99

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