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April 2, 2024

Conventions! Playlists! An ALL-NEW NOVEL!

Something, Something, Magic

Gailsone author Casey Glanders is seriously slacking on the next Gailsone book, so much so that he wrote an all new superhero novel, Something, Something, Magic, instead of focusing on Alice! Something, Something, Magic follows Gina Mosey, your all-around average teenager as she becomes imbued with the powers and abilities of the legendary sharpshooter, Annie Oakley. In a city where giant robots and techno zombies are a thing, Gina is forced to put her new powers to work far quicker than she expected. Can she step up and be the hero the city of Pine Grove needs? Can Gina deal with some serious pushback from the already established hero in town? Will the ghost of Annie Oakley leave her alone about her love life?


If you’re a fan of anime, cowgirls, or just love a solid magical girl story, then Something, Something, Magic is for you. Pick up a copy on the Kindle store or snag a paperback today!

Click here for Something, Something, Magic in the Kindle Store!

PopCon 2024!

Indianapolis friends! We will be presenting our panel, Writing Worlds, at PopCon 2024! Come see us on Friday, April 26th at 2:00 PM EST in Panel Room 1. We will be answering questions, talking about writing, and giving away books!

Click here for the event listing!

Alice’s Spotify Playlist

Denise Huston, noted editor of the Gailsone series and angry music aficionado, has compiled a Spotify list for our favorite former villain! Check out her list here!

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