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Avast! It's Time to Walk the Plank!

Get ready for a tale of high adventure with the Gailsones!

Victoria Green is the poster child for a patient girlfriend, but she has finally reached her breaking point with Alan Tanner. The billionaire industrialist and superhero had finally driven Victoria to the edge when he suddenly proposes a romantic evening out. Victoria, skeptical, but happy for the change, accepts. Unfortunately, romance takes a back seat when both she and Alan become the hostages of an insane supervillain who will only release them in exchange for the superhero Blackbird. The only problem with this is that Victoria Green is the Blackbird, and if she reveals her identity, it will mean that Alan’s secret life as Blackthorne will be exposed as well. With the clock ticking and the world watching, will Blackbird save the day?

Meanwhile, Alice Gailsone is a woman who has spent most of her life haunted by her bad decisions, and with everything going so well in her world, it’s easy to forget that she was ever the second in command of the most vile terrorist organization to ever walk the Earth, the Purge. Now, she’s an accomplished businesswoman, a reformed villain who serves with the Collective Good, and she’s finally starting to open herself up to the prospect of dating again. She has a family that loves her, and she’s doing her best to bury her past. Unfortunately, one of the darkest moments of that past has just reappeared, and Alice is forced to face it, head-on.

With the entire Gailsone cast making an appearance, this is hands-down the wildest Gailsone novella yet. Join Alice, Victoria, and the rest of the gang for a swash-buckling adventure above the skies of Manhattan. Paint the Town Red showcases our heroes at their best and their worst, and showcases the Gailsone family doing what they do best.

The Heat is On

Take Control


Old Ghosts


It's not always a good idea to revisit the past


Alice Gailsone is about to find out that some things are better left alone.

After the events of Red Rook, Alice Gailsone wants a couple of days off from her duties with the Collective Good, along with a plane. While her employers and family continue to pry, the reasons for Alice’s sudden trip to the old, abandoned Purge facility in Houston remain a mystery. Even Allison, her niece and closest confidant, is left in the dark.

While on her secret mission, Alice stirs up trouble in the form of something ancient, evil, and powerful. Now, trapped in a pitch-black, flooded labyrinth and seriously outmatched, Alice must use all of her cunning, guile, and charm to outwit and overpower a monstrous team that is bent on claiming her prize for themselves.

Meanwhile, public backlash is growing from the events in Red Rook. Alan Tanner, billionaire business tycoon and head of the Collective Good (the world’s foremost super team) is feeling the pressure from on high as more and more people in power start calling for Alice’s head. As Victoria Green, his vice president and girlfriend, tries to work with him to avoid anymore bad press, she starts to realize that there is something more going on that she’s not being told, and that Alice might be in the middle of it.

Alice is still recovering from the events in Red Rook. Now, she finds herself stretched to the physical and emotional limit. As old ghosts new fiends take their toll, Alice must once again step up to show those that would harm her and her family just why she holds the title, the Most Dangerous Woman in the World.



Black Days


"To kill swiftly is a blessing one gives to the unimportant."


One week after returning from Nagoya, Alice is given a seemingly simple assignment, community service. The catch? It’s at St. Agnes, a shelter for teenage girls with nowhere else to go. It also happens to be where Alice stayed in her youth. Someone has been experimenting on the girls there, and Alice, firm in her ‘no kids’ rule, is not about to let that stand.

Allison and Aika are like oil and water, and they know it. The two semi-retired assassins have never gotten along, but now they will be forced to work together to help their mutual friend and employer if she is to survive the night. Can they set aside their differences in favor of keeping Alice, and a group of teenagers, safe?

Black Days is the all-new, first post-Big in Japan story in the Gailsone universe. In it, we learn more about Alice’s past and why she is who she is. This is Alice and the girls as you’ve never seen them before; brutal, vulnerable, and resolute. In the face of armed gangs, stone giants and techno-organic monsters, Alice Gailsone is about to live up to her title as the Most Dangerous Woman in the World.

Note- This story was originally posted as an anthology. The original anthology is still available in paperback, along with a previously unpublished story, Hit. This digital edition only focuses on the story Black Days.


Impossible Partners...



To cmplete an impossible mission, Alice is going to need a little help...

Alice Gailsone is Dyspell, master of the dark art of entropy and one of the most feared villains on the planet. She serves as second in command to the criminal empire, the Purge, and is considered to be extremely dangerous. There are few who can stand toe-to-toe with her, and fewer still that can order her around. One of those few is Prometheus, the leader of the Purge. He has given Alice a simple but dangerous assignment- locate a magical artifact known as the Impossible Door, and secure it’s limitless potential for the glory of the Purge.


Unfortunately, when Alice receives a summons from the Spiritual Magistrate of the United States, she is given a slightly different set of orders that puts her in a precarious position. Realizing that this is quickly becoming a mission that even she can’t complete alone, she seeks help from the one person she knows can handle what’s ahead.


Dr. Susan Gordon is a highly-regarded surgeon, a pillar of the community, and secretly a nigh-indestructible powerhouse known to the world as Miss Major. As a champion of good (and one of the strongest beings on the planet), she is Alice’s ideal choice for a partner. Now, if only they can get past the whole, hero/villain thing…


When their plan goes up in smoke, Alice and Miss Major find that they might have bitten off more than even they can chew. Wayward killer androids and psychotic, horny wizards are bad enough, but when the real guardian of the Door is revealed, the girls find themselves up against a fire-breathing menace that even they might not be able to stop.


Things are heating up for the Gailsone clan in the all-new, action packed novella, Ifrit!

Alice Gailsone has been called in as a forensic consultant on a special case. A government facility acting as an agricultural front has recently been destroyed, and the people in charge seem to know more than what they’re letting on. As she and forensic investigator Brandon Vitags (who also happens to be the legendary super hero, the Red Guard) dig deeper into the cause of the blaze and into each other’s personal lives, their investigation gets derailed by a dangerous discovery. Unfortunately, the danger they face is the least of their problems.

Meanwhile, Alan Tanner is no stranger to fighting injustice, but he rarely does it without his Blackthorne persona. The billionaire industrialist has stepped into the political arena to take on an up-and-coming contender for Senator Stengles empty seat, and the implications of his loss could be devastating for the entire superhero community. Once the camera start rolling and the heat is on, Alan and Victoria quickly discover that they are in for the fight of their lives, and from where Victoria is sitting, it’s one they can’t win.

Finally, a picnic in the park turns deadly for Allison, her new niece, Holly, and their new roommate, the incredibly powerful and dangerous Totallus, Eedee. While the day starts well, it ends in flames as Eedee is put to the test, both as a hero and as a Totallus. When an incredibly powerful opponent appears, the killer android shows just why she was the prize creation of the Purge, and Allison must do what she can to keep her young charge safe as the world explodes around them.

The heat is on and the stakes are stacked against the Gailsone family. As wheels turn and plans are put into motion, the new Purge is laying the groundwork for their big push, and it’s going to take everything Alice and her family have to push back.

Victoria Green is the most respected woman in the Collective Good. Here's why...

Victoria Green is a woman desperately seeking control of her life. She lost it young, when the Purge made their global debut. She sought it throughout her childhood as she lived with her grandmother. She fought hard for it as an adult. Her whole life has been a continual push to be the best, to stay on top, and to have the control that has always eluded her.


When a tragedy derails her life and her career, Victoria believes that a transfer to the New York division of the FBI means the end of her career. To her surprise, she is given an incredible opportunity in the form of a dangerous, covert assignment. Her job is to become a government-backed superhero and infiltrate the Collective Good, the newest and most powerful group of superhuman vigilantes in the world. She is given the training, the tools, and the time to hone her new craft. She thinks she is good. She thinks she is ready.


As Victoria assumes the role of Blackbird, she quickly learns how fast training can be overturned by deadly, real-world situations. As she struggles from one life-threatening confrontation to the next, she begins to get the hands-on experience she needs. She also gets the attention of Blackthorne, the charismatic leader of the Collective Good. As a test of her abilities, he gives her a mission to prove herself- protect a businessman that is about to snitch on a deadly International ring of assassins. While this seems simple to Victoria at first, things quickly turn deadly as Victoria must outwit an inhuman opponent that has her outclassed in every way.


In a desperate race to stay alive, she will do whatever it takes to complete her mission, no matter the cost. In Gailsone: Blackbird’s song, Victoria Green gets the incredible, thrill-a-minute introduction to the Gailsone universe she deserves. Join her as she proves to herself and the world that she is the hero she knows she can be, and learn how she started on her way to becoming one of the greatest female heroes on the planet.

Dating is Hell...

A Night to Remember...

Allison Gailsone faces her most difficult challenge yet- her boyfriend.

Love is a battlefield, and Allison Gailsone loves a good fight! The youngest and most terrifying officer in the Purge (the world’s largest terrorist organization) has no problem when it comes to getting into shootouts or taking down armed soldiers, but when faced with the terrifying prospect of going on her first real date, the femme fatale falls a bit short in the courage department. Fortunately her aunt, General Alice Gailsone, has her back in this all-new, stand-alone adventure!


Allison has been dating the Purge’s young medical officer, Doug, for a while now, but they’ve never actually gone out on a real date. Frustrated by this Doug presents Allison with an ultimatum; either they go out on one real date as a couple, or call it quits. Angry, frustrated, and genuinely scared at the prospect of a legitimate relationship, Allison turns to her aunt Alice for help.


In this fun, exciting and humorous GAILSONE outing, we get to see more of who Allison is, what drives her, and where her moral compass truly lies. When things on their “normal” date go from awkward to dangerous, Allison steps up to take anyone who would interfere with her love life down. Fast, fun and (of course) full on action, Gailsone: Date Night is a welcome and bloody edition to the ever-expanding GAILSONE universe!

Alice Gailsone returns in this incredible, action-packed adventure!

Alice Gailsone is known as an international terrorist and feared supervillain, but she’s also a bit of a workaholic. As second-in-command of global criminal organization the Purge, she doesn’t find a lot of time to get away. When she requests a night off to go to the opera, her commander, Prometheus, sees this as a chance for his most trusted soldier to unwind a little.

Alan Tanner is one of the most influential philanthropist billionaires on the planet. He is known by many to be intelligent, charming, and heavily involved in aiding humanitarian efforts across the globe. Unbeknownst to Alice, he is also Blackthorne, one of the world’s greatest heroes - and Alice’s arch enemy.

On a charity appearance at the opera, he finds himself drawn to a beautiful woman that promises a night of excitement and adventure. Little does he know that he is about to be the target of a kidnapping attempt, and the victim of Alice’s moonlighting endeavors.

The operation starts smoothly enough, but a momentary detour lands Alice and Alan in a ship load of hot water that they might not be able to get out of. From dealing with armed terrorists to fighting terrifying monsters, Alice and Alan are going to have to find a way to survive the night…and each other.

One part sci-fi horror, one part romantic comedy, Gailsone: A Night at the Opera is an action-packed adventure that shows once again why Alice Gailsone is the Most Dangerous Woman in the World.

An Example Needs to be Made...

The Gailsones are back in an explosive, stand-alone prequel to their first novel, Big In Japan!


Commander Allison Gailsone is a respected and feared figure in the Purge, the world’s most powerful and dangerous terrorist organization. Her first solo assignment is to negotiate trade relations with a new and powerful super-gang that has formed in the outskirts of Gary, Indiana. She is to deal with Jasper Vardoux, the gang’s charismatic leader. It was supposed to be a simple business deal, but when things go sour and people start dying, Allison and her remaining soldiers have to get creative to stay alive.


General Alice Gailsone is Dyspell, master of entropy magic and considered by many to be the Most Dangerous Woman in the World.  When she learns about the danger her niece is in, she is faced with a choice; either follow orders from her superior and let Allison die, or take matters into her own, bloody hands.


With the body count rising and explosions abound, Alice and Allison are about to show the gangs of Gary what happens when you mess with a Gailsone. In the midst of bullets, flames, blood and rust, an example is about to be made.


Blood & Rust is a novella in the GAILSONE universe. Join Alice and Allison in a dark, fun and violent mission that shows just what our two heroines were like when they served in the Purge. Download it today and then go check out Gailsone: Big In Japan for more of the larger GAILSONE universe!

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